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Passionate about helping young people

At Nudge Education, we know that every child is different. That's why we focus on supporting one child at a time. We believe every child matters and deserves to have a life worth living.
About hero
Shared vision
A shared vision

At Nudge Education, our team shares our vision of a world where no child is left behind, and works to make it a reality through our mission of eradicating chronic disengagement.

We know the UK education sector is delivering fantastic outcomes, but too many young people are slipping through the cracks.

Nudge Education helps schools and Local Authorities support those students who are at-risk or have already become chronically disengaged, to help them rediscover a life worth living.

We have worked with over 200 schools within more than 40 Local Authority areas UK-wide to support them with the most challenging students to prevent crises and leave no child behind. For a life worth living.

Experts coaches
Expert Practitioners

At Nudge Education, it's all about the power of connection. That's why we match children and young adults to the right education expert from day one.

Our team of experts and coaches work closely with the children, families, care teams, and schools to help them find their own path back into education.

Meet the team

At Nudge Education, we bring together a growing team of hundreds of like-minded individuals who share our vision for change and that will do whatever it takes to leave no child behind.

Interested in knowing who we are? Take a look below.

Group 3988
Adeline Bamgbala
Case Manager
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Group 3889
Amy Wayne
Regional Education Lead: South
Group 3893
Ana Rojo-Mair
Case Management Support
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Group 3895
Ben White
Regional Education Lead: South
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Group 3887
Brian Mair
Co-founder & Managing Director
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Charlotte Noutch
Charlotte Noutch
Regional Education Lead: North East
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Group 3896
Claire Falcus
Senior Education Expert: North East
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Group 3894
Claire Kidd
Finance Lead
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Group 3884
Diego Melo
Founder & CEO
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Emily Gowdy
Case Manager - South
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Hannah Mitchell
Hannah Mitchell
Service Lead, Nudge Minds
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Group 3904
Jen Notman
Senior Education Expert: North West
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Group 3900
Kate Elliott
Case Manager: North West and Midlands
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Group 3886
Lizzie Robinson
Head of Education and Interventions
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Group 3892
Micah Urwin
Operations Support Lead
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Michelle Driskel
Case Manager- South
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Paula Cooney
Case Manager and Safety Intervention Trainer
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Phoebe Gilbert
Phoebe Gilbert
People Hub Coordinator
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Group 3890
Rich Cox
Regional Education Lead: North West & Midlands
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Screenshot 2023 02 08 at 13 46 27
Sian Stevens
Assistant Service Lead for Minds
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Group 3899
Vicky Brice
Senior Education Expert: South
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Engaging, compassionate, resilient professionals

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