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Mental Health Interventions

At Nudge Education we provide bespoke child and adolescent mental health interventions at a time of crisis, through our Nudge Minds service.

Our Nudge Minds interventions focus on reducing unnecessary emotional pain so our young people can achieve a life worth living

Mental health interventions hero
Neuro intelligent
A neuro-intelligent approach Supporting brilliant minds

At Nudge Education we provide mental health interventions for young people when they need help the most, without an endless waiting list.

Our approach creates a backdrop of participation and collaboration using our 5 evidence-based principles to tip the balance of influence in favour of a life worth living for every young person.

Young people supported by Nudge Education benefit from 1:1 mental health interventions which last as long as they're needed. And because they live in the real world, that's where we support them — maximising the opportunities this resource-rich therapy space provides.

Supporting young persons
Supporting any
young person who asks for our help

Our team will work with any young person, anytime, anywhere to look at what's happened previously and to look forward toward a more fulfilling life now. We will take referrals from parents, local authorities and schools that may have a child struggling with the following:

Eating Disorders
Generalised anxiety disorders (GAD)
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
I can't thank the team enough for being so patient and understanding. Nudge Minds has changed my life forever.
Nudge Education Student
A creative, holistic & inclusive approach
Tailored interventions
Our Interventions meet the needs of the child by really considering: Where, when and who. This information is used to create a bespoke experience that generates engagement and moves the child away from crisis.
Mental health professionals
Our team is as diverse as the needs of children and adolescents referred to us. We work with child psychologists, child psychotherapists, wellbeing coaches, nutrition professionals and specialist education professionals.
Our process
The first step to making a difference
An in-depth discovery process about the young person
Bespoke plan
Designed to create engagement and deliver real results
Ongoing delivery
With constant review, feedback and improvement
Follow up
Because lasting change doesn't happen overnight
Nudge Minds raises confidence, ambition and saves lives.
Therapist giving advice 3958375 Therapist giving advice 3958375
Know a young person who needs support?
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