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We deliver tailored interventions for anyone missing out on or struggling to stay in education.

Our interventions are designed to spark engagement, raise ambitions, and help the young people we work with to develop a love of life.

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We strive to do whatever it takes to make sure no child is left behind.

Although each student and intervention is unique, they do share one thing in common: the right to education and to finding their path in life.

These are some examples of the challenges facing the young people we work with.

Chronically Disengaged
Looked After Children
SEMH Needs
Complex Needs
Post 16
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How Nudge Education helps

At Nudge Education, we are careful not to take a 'one size fits all approach.' That is why we offer a range of interventions tailored to each child's needs.

When a young person comes to Nudge, they've often experienced failed interventions before. We excel at driving engagement by taking the time to fully understand each individual's situation and how they perceive other people.

Equipped with that understanding, as well as our knowledge of working with chronically disengaged young people, we then plan innovative ways to engage them in a context that they resonate with.

A holistic approach…
At Nudge Education, we design every service around the unique needs and situation of every child or young adult.
Maximise Engagement
Engagement is everything. That's why we make it a priority from day one, helping each young person rediscover their passion and love of life.
Raise ambitions
By regularly achieving goals with Nudge Education, each young person can discover the capability and potential they hold. We use this as a springboard to raise their ambitions and build a life worth living.
Transition to education
Nudge Education's practitioners work with young people to help them transition to a permanent place of education. On average, a child referred to Nudge Education has a school attendance rate of 36.9% — and we consistently help them increase their attendance to over 90%.
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