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The UK leaders of specialist interventions for children with FASD & Complex Neurodevelopmental Profiles.

We provide a range of services to support young people with FASD as well as other complex conditions such who have become chronically disengaged from education.

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What is fasd
What is FASD?

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a lifelong neurodevelopmental condition caused by prenatal alcohol exposure. This alcohol exposure can affect the brain and body of the developing foetus, resulting in a wide range of cognitive and behavioural challenges.

A number of influencing factors such as quantity and timing of exposure can lead to significant differences in presentation making FASD a spectrum disorder.

No two individuals with FASD are affected in the same way, making it a complex condition to understand and provide appropriate support for.

Fasd expertise
Our expertise

Nudge Education has delivered hundreds of hours of intervention to young people with children that had become chronically disengaged from education.

It is through this experience, and the thorough understanding of the needs of these individuals and how to appropriately support them to re-engage with education, that Nudge Education is able to expand its services to address the very specific needs of those with diagnosed or suspected FASD, and those with complex neurodevelopmental profiles.

If I'd stumbled across this years ago, it would have changed my life in a heart beat.
Parent of an FASD & Complex Case Service user
FASD Services
We work with young people who may have conditions such as FASD and other complex diagnoses to enable them to thrive, and we work with organisations to be better equipped to support them.
Bespoke interventions
We will deploy a fully vetted and trained professional to work with your child/student based upon their interests, aspirations and academic goals that we find out during our initial meeting.
Training for Schools
We work with Local Authorities across the UK to raise awareness, deliver training, and provide support to ensure young people with FASD & complex conditions are given appropriate help.
Consultancy & Coaching
From 1:1 training to larger staff development options, we can provide bespoke packages to meet your organisation’s needs in supporting people with FASD & complex conditions more effectively.
What are complex conditions?
If a child has a diagnosis of more than one of the following we would advise a referral to this service: ASD/C, AD(H)D, FASD, PTSD, ODD, PDA, RAD, and Sensory Processing Disorder.
Make a referral
Use this link to make a referral and get your young person the support they need now.

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